Mine Town

Mine Town highlights the fast-paced action of Unreal by contrasting exciting and balanced combat zones. Each combat zone was built to provide a unique experience.



Engine: Unreal Tournament 3 Editor
Game Type:
 10- 12 Players
Development Time:
 40 hours


Mine Town is a Capture The Flag map made for Unreal Tournament 3.  Mine Town features an asymmetrical level layout, varying avenues of verticality, and contrasting combat zones.  Mine Town was created to enhance Unreal’s core gameplay by creating a level flow that encouraged players to always be moving and rewarded them for each decision made.

Pillars of Design

Mine Town features 3 pillars of design that drove each of my design decisions as I created and built the map.  Those pillars of design are: Asymmetry, Verticality, and Contrasting Spaces.

Asymmetry: I wanted to challenge myself by creating an asymmetrical map.  I wanted to do my best to balance each combat zone, each unique flag room, and make sure that each team had an equal (yet different) advantage when beginning the match.

Verticality: I was inspired by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Favela.’ Favela features a unique intensity to the combat by creating many exciting levels of verticality and encourages players to use each height of the level.  I wanted players to pursue each other over and under each building/mineshaft.  I wanted to recreate that exciting gameplay through verticality.

Contrasting Spaces: Again, I wanted to challenge myself to create unique and contrasting combat zones that not only looked visually different but created their own combat experiences. As players moved through the map I wanted them to experience each individual zone as its own fresh and fun encounter.