Purgatory is a single-player experience created using UT3. Players take the role of an inmate aboard a prison spaceship that is attacked by an unknown assailant..


Engine: Unreal Tournament 3 Editor
Game Type
Single Player Experience
7 – 10 Minutes
Development Time:
50 hours
Role: Level Design and Scripting


Purgatory is a single player experience set on a prison ship in space.  The player assumes the role of a prisoner on the ship when the ship is attacked and the player is set free. The player must escape the ship during the attack.  Starting with nothing, the player is free to explore the ship, discover and collect items, and progress towards the ultimate goal of escaping the ship.


Purgatory is a joint effort between Nikolas Kolm and myself. Niko and I set out to create a narrative-driven single player experience that showcased both his ability to design an experience using narrative and atmosphere and my ability to guide and direct players to explore a level that punctuates Niko’s narrative design.

The design goals for Purgatory are to build a level that both encourage the player to explore each section of the ship and to lead and gate the player into each ‘section’ of the story.  As the player explores they discover fragments of narrative in various forms (written notes, log entires on computers, etc.) and also puzzles (switch puzzles, event-based action, etc.) that require solving before moving to the next area.  Combat plays a key role in escalating the action and intensity of the level. Combat is introduced slowly and is used to emphasis the current state of the ship and the necessity to escape.

*Purgatory is a work in progress.